American Legion Post 294

Amercan Legion Hall Rental


1 to 6 Hours          $225

6 to 10 Hours        $400

Over 10 Hours       $50/hr


Friday-Sunday & Holidays

1 to 6 Hours       $350

6 to 10 Hours    $500

Over 10 Hours      $100/hr

DEPOSIT/CLEAN-UP FEE:  $150.00 (CERTIFIED FUNDS) at time of submittal of this rental agreement. This will be a refundable fee (except as provided in Cancellations below) to both reserve the hall and provide for thorough cleaning of the facility following the event except as noted in the User Rules #8 on page 2. 
USE TIME: Use time includes time to setup, decorate, takedown, and restore the facility table and chair arrangement following the event.
HOLIDAYS: Holidays include all days recognized by the federal government as a holiday and every day from Thanksgiving Day through New Years Day
KITCHEN USE: Kitchen use for an additional fee; American Legion Post No. 294, Inc. approved caterers only. Inquire for usage fees and/or additional information.
LOUNGE USE: Alcoholic beverages must be purchased through American Legion Post No. 294, Inc. lounge. You may reserve a bartender at a rate of $20.00/hour plus drink prices.
RESERVATIONS: Confirmed Reservations are made upon receipt of the deposit, receipt of this fully executed Agreement and payment in full of the Use Fee and Clean-up fee with CERTIFIED FUNDS, twenty-one (21) days prior to the use of the facility. The 21-day Use Fee payment requirement may be waived. 
CANCELLATIONS: (1) Cancellation by the Responsible Party within two weeks (14 days) of the reserved date will result in forfeiture of the Deposit. (2) Post 294 reserves the right to cancel the reservation with a return of all Fees if the facility is required for Legion use. Cancellation notice will be made at least two weeks prior to the reserved date. (3) Post 294 reserves the right to cancel the reservation without 2 week prior notice and will return all Fees paid except the Deposit if the Post learns the event planned is unsatisfactory to the Post and/or the use will not be as stated in this Agreement by the Responsible Party.
RESTRICTIONS: All User Rules on page 2 of this User Agreement must be agreed to by the Responsible Party
The Responsible Party executing this User Agreement assumes all responsibility and liability for any and all personal injuries, damages to personal property, or missing property as a result of all activities taking place within the Facility and on Facility grounds during the Date(s) and time of use, as well as all damages to the building and its facilities, except normal wear and tear. By signature below, the Responsible Party acknowledges receipt of, and agrees to, the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and the User Rules as printed herein that govern the use of American Legion Post No. 294, Inc. Other Conditions

Download Legion Hall Use Agreement


1.  The Facility can be open to the public from 7:00am until 12:00 midnight.
2. All individuals, organizations, and groups use the Facility at their own risk and are responsible for any illness, injury, or death incurred by any individual while using the Facility.
3. Officers and members of the Powder Springs Post No. 294, The American Legion, as well as, city, state, & federal law officers may enter at any time without notice.
4. The Responsible Party executing the User Agreement assumes all responsibility and liability for any and all damages to the Facility, missing or damaged property, and for all activities within the Facility or on the Facility property during the Date(s) and time of Use for their scheduled event.
5. Alcoholic beverages are allowed only if purchased through American Legion Post 294, as required by city and state ordinances governing its license to sell and serve alcohol on premises; and as noted in the Other Conditions part of the executed User Agreement.
6. The use of tobacco products inside the Facility is prohibited, except in the Lounge area.  Chewing gum should not be part of party favors for guests or extra cleaning fees may be assessed.
7. Do not attempt to reset the thermostats.  Assistance must be requested from an authorized Post member.
8. The Responsible Party executing the Use Agreement is responsible for light cleaning, removal of trash and returning all equipment (i.e. Tables and Chairs) back to its original place.  The Facility shall be light cleaned as follows:
  • Spills on floor are to be removed as necessary (mop and bucket will be available).
  • Spills will be cleaned from tables and countertops in hall and restrooms, including kitchen if used.
  • All decorations, balloons, tape, string, etc must be removed from walls and furniture.
  • All trash and refuse will be bagged and removed to the dumpster at the side of the building.
  • Return all tables and chairs to their respective locations as found prior to use.
9.  Long-term parking after the event on the site is not permitted.  Over-night parking MAY be allowed with proper notification (Name, Phone #, Vehicle Description & Tag #) to the Post Lounge Attendant or Post officer present.  
10. Each User must remove their trash as necessary from the Facility parking lot.
11. Do not enter the electrical utility room except in an emergency to turn off the power.
12. Do not move fire extinguishers except in an emergency to put out a fire.
13. Do not use nails, staples or tacks to attach decorations.  
14. Parking for the Facility must be shared with others who are members or guests attending other functions at the Facility.
15. Tables and chairs are for indoor use only.  Do not take tables and chairs outside the Facility.
16. Members and guests of the American Legion Post 294 will share the use of the restrooms with event participants. 
17. The kitchen will not be used for other than laying out food on the countertops.  Appliances are not to be used.  Any exceptions will be noted at time of contract signing in Other Conditions on page 1.
18. Hall rental does NOT include use of Legion ice machine.  Renters must provide their own ice, if required.
19. User will not perform any illegal acts on the premises or allow any illegal acts to be performed on the premises.  An illegal act is anything in violation of Federal, State, or Local laws.